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Name:Danny Brennan

Trading Experience:None

First Weekk Trading:$4,850.78

Most profitable month:Sep 2015

“Dr Archer pulled through in the end! I have partaken in several University researches, but this one has been absolutely mind blowing! After 4 months of trading with this app, I’m still making money!”

Name:Davante Campbell

Trading Experience:None

First Week Trading:$10,350.25

Most profitable month:Jan 2016

“I was raised by my mom, a single parent since the age of 4. We always struggled. I feel so blessed that now, I can finally give back and support my mom, who has been the pillar of my life. Just made $10,000 last month and still going strong!”

Name:Tonya Jefferson

Trading Experience:None

First Week Trading:$4,122.71

Most profitable month:Dec 2015

“What an incredible research! I would like to thank Ian Taurasky, the 15 year old genius for making this all possible! Made over $3,000 in January and I still see results every single day!”

Name:Kurt Schneider

Trading Experience:None

First Week Trading:$7,246.87

Most profitable month:Jan 2016

“I had showed my family in Berlin how this app works back in September. Just like me they were skeptical if this would work. Now that I have made over $32,000 I think it’s safe to say that we are all true believers!”

University Research –


“Study of Automated trading algorithms” by Steven Archer PHD, Chicago University 2012


There are no significant facts known about the role of data collection and algorithmic behavior in automated trading applications until now (1989). Most theories suggest that only artificial intelligent systems can have causal affluence in predicting accurately the direction of stock and derivative trading (Charlson & Marks, 2011).
Our experiment tested our quantum intelligent software using ordinary people and students as test subjects. The conclusion is that ordinary people and students from various ages and ethnic backgrounds scored over 91.313% accuracy while trading using the TauriBot, single push software system. In contrary to earlier belief, The TauriBot trading system can significantly assess the direction of the stock market using trading systems such as binary options.

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